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New luminaire tech stocks to watch

Tech stocks have seen their most bullish days in almost three years as a slew of new technology stocks have risen.

LUMINAIRE TECHS, a provider of advanced technology products to the healthcare and industrial sectors, has been the biggest gainer in the market.

Its rise this year has come after the company secured an $18 million investment from the billionaire brothers Arthur and George Soros, who were part of the 2016 presidential election.

LumiGen, which is developing laser-based imaging systems to detect tumors and tumors in people, also saw its market value jump more than 10% after the investment.

LuminAire, a maker of high-definition imaging and communications systems for medical devices, also gained 5%.

Lumintech, which makes semiconductor chips for smartphones and tablets, has surged 7% over the past 12 months.

New technologies also are making their way into the health care sector, with healthcare technology company Medtronic raising $50 million in funding.

It recently closed a $100 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital, an investor in GE Healthcare.

MEDTICYCLE INC, which manufactures and sells smart phones and tablets for consumers, also has seen its market values rise nearly 10%.

It’s raising $1.5 billion in a round led in part by SoftBank, which recently acquired the smartphone maker.

MEDIONET, a medical device company, has gained about 13%.

Its shares are up 17% since the start of the year, with the average price climbing more than 60% since July 2016.

LIPMICRO, which develops and sells personal biometric identification technology, has risen nearly 15% in the past year.

The company’s shares rose 7% on Friday after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the company’s use of the technology.

A new technology called EMITX has also seen a recent surge, jumping 22% in a single day.

LIVESTRONG MEDIA INC, a technology company, also rose more than 8% in 2016.

It’s raised $1 billion in its latest round led mostly by Kleiner Perkins, which previously invested in the company.

The stock has seen more than $25 billion in total value since its inception in 2003.

LUCID TECHS INC, another tech company, gained more than 7% in 2017.

The firm is also part of a new venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, that is raising $2 billion in funding and expects to announce a new round of funding later this year.

Its stock has risen more than 9% since its IPO in June of last year.