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How to turn a piece of wood into a 3D printer

How to use a piece (or a stack of them) of wood to make a 3-D printer?

You can do that with a few simple tools.

It just takes time.


Use a knife.

Use the same kind of blade as you would for making a knife, but with a small edge.

It’s easiest to do this with a pair of sharp, sharpening stones, such as the ones that are sold in most hardware stores.

For instance, I used a pair at Amazon.


Take a piece that you’ve cut and bend it to fit into the slot.

It may not look like much, but it’s very important.

The wood is very thin, so bending the wood can cause the wood to break apart or the blade to slip.

That’s why you want to take care to keep the piece as flat as possible.

You want it to feel as if you’re bending a piece you already have.


Using a ruler, cut out a 3.5-inch square.

This is the shape you want.

It should be about a quarter of an inch wide and slightly taller than the hole in the end of your knife.

It also should be 3.25 inches long.


With the blade facing up, use your fingernail or your hand to trim the edges.

That way, you’re getting a nice, clean edge.

That edge is what you’re going to use to print out the parts.

Now, the first part of this process is easy.

Grab a piece and cut it to the shape of your design.

You’re not going to need the whole piece.

You don’t want to cut off the top, either.

Just cut the edges to the width of the piece.

For a 3×3, that’s a little over three inches.


If you’re using an X-acto knife, make sure it’s sharp.

Use that to trim any sharp edges from the wood.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wood surface or a metal surface.


With a pair or two of sharp scissors, cut a small hole in each end of the 3×1 piece.

Make sure you cut the entire length of the pieces, or you won’t have enough wood to print the next part.


Using the same sharp knife you used to cut the piece, cut three or four small holes in the top of each side of the X-Acto knife.

This helps keep the wood from slipping, which is important.


Put the pieces together and print the first layer.

Put a piece on top of the second piece.

Put two pieces on top.


Now print the top part.

Use your ruler or a pen to trace out the pattern.

It shouldn’t look like this: It’s a nice rounded shape.

This isn’t an exact copy, but you should be able to do it.

It will take a bit of practice.


Make two more layers of the same piece.

Use an Xacto or a Sharpie to draw out the design on top, using a sharp pencil.

Then, print the parts in that way.

The whole process takes about three minutes.

You should be ready to print all the parts of the design you need.

That is, you should print the bottom layer and the top layer and then print the rest of the thing.

That means you’ve made a 3d printer.