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When will the HCL Technologies be ready?

By Robert O’Neill The Irish Energy Networks (IEN) has been awarded a contract by the Irish Government to supply HCL technologies to the Park Place Energy Networks.

The contract has been in the works for several months and the Government is hoping to deliver the technology to the company by the end of next year.

The company has also been awarded its first customer for the power generation in the city.

The first customer, which will be the city’s largest power company, is LÉ, the country’s largest utility.

“We’re delighted to be awarded this contract and are looking forward to continuing to deliver innovative and high-quality technologies to our customers,” IEN Chief Executive Dr. John Collins said.

“As we’ve been working to deliver a world-class customer experience, we know the HPC-V technology will be a valuable addition to the IEN portfolio.”

This project will help to bring HCL to our network, and provide significant economic benefits for our customers.

“The company is already building the network in partnership with IEN, which is investing an additional €2 million to build the HCC power stations and an additional 1000MW of gas turbine capacity.

The new contracts are worth up to €6 million each, according to the Irish Times.

The HCL-V generation technology is currently being tested in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Energy Research Centre (NRE) and a number of large utilities around the world.”

The HCC-V project will provide a key piece of the HEN power grid, helping to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy, including in the North, South and West of Ireland,” said Mr Collins.

The park place project is one of two large projects that IEN is working on to build an HCL network in the Republic.

The other project is a 600MW solar farm in County Kildare, with a €1.5 billion loan from the European Investment Bank.