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How to get a better job search

More than two thirds of people who apply for jobs online are unsuccessful, and more than one in four get an online rejection letter, a study suggests.

The survey from CareerCast revealed that more than half of the people who applied for a job online failed to find work in the first month after they applied, with almost a quarter of jobseekers being rejected after just a few days.

“The average time it takes to find a job is six months and this gap is expected to grow over time,” said CareerCast’s CEO, Richard O’Brien.

He said this would mean that more people were likely to be looking for work after they have already applied.

“In the future, this gap will grow as people start to search for jobs on more platforms.”

CareerCast said that the survey showed that many people were still searching for jobs and that the issue was “complex”.

In the meantime, many jobseekers are continuing to apply online, with one in five currently having done so.

The organisation said that it was “working with our partners to create a new set of tools that help jobseekers and jobseekers organisations to better understand and respond to the issues that exist across the workforce”.

What can you do if you are rejected?

Employers can set up a job search support group to help job seekers find work online, and companies can help job hunters navigate the process.

The group will be designed for jobseekers, and is designed to: help with the initial process of seeking work, and to help people find the right job, including finding a new job or job searching for a new role.

Support individuals who are trying to find out more about their options and what their rights are.

Help employers understand how they should be using their experience and skills to find and hire the right candidates.

Employers will also be able to ask jobseekers about their experiences and knowledge of the organisation, as well as help job applicants find out about their rights.

Job seekers can also access a website where they can ask questions and receive advice, and employers can post jobseekers’ personal details online.