Sejemnet Technology Software Development When you need to know what the world’s biggest tech companies are investing in

When you need to know what the world’s biggest tech companies are investing in

Time title Why Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are buying everything from semiconductors to smart TVs to medical sensors article Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other big tech companies have made acquisitions in more than 20 sectors since the start of the year, including in everything from artificial intelligence and robotics to cloud computing, telecommunications, food, health care and even food processing.

They have also expanded into other areas that can help boost growth in the decades ahead.

Here are some of the biggest deals to watch: The semiconductor industry: Amazon has been buying semiconducting chipmakers and chip-making equipment maker Micron, which it bought for $24.4 billion last year.

Micron is one of the world\’s leading makers of semiconductor chips, used in personal computers, cellphones and other consumer electronics.

Microns products are used in a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops and servers.

Amazon says it is acquiring a majority stake in Micron and that it plans to buy other Micron subsidiaries.

Micrometer, which made the chips used in the new Apple iPhones, said the transaction is expected to close in the second half of this year.

Amazon has also been buying equipment maker TSMC, which makes chips for computers and phones.

TSMC makes chips used to build smartphones and other personal computers and the new iPhones.

Microwave ovens and thermostats: Amazon bought a majority share in German microwave oven maker Nestle, and is buying a minority stake in Swedish manufacturer Thermaltake, both of which make thermostat and ovens.

Amazon is also buying a majority stock in Chinese appliance maker Lidl, which has made appliances for the home.

Thermalex is the Chinese manufacturer of the Nestle ovens, which are used to bake the company\’s breakfast cereal.

The deal is expected soon.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, maker of a range of medical imaging products: Amazon said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it is buying the maker of the Thermo-Harrison X-ray imaging system, which is used in diagnostic testing of people with kidney disease.

Amazon said it is also purchasing Fisher Scientific\’s data analytics unit, which specializes in cloud-based health and medical information.

Amazon also said it was acquiring the global technology firm Accenture.

Amazon will pay $6.3 billion for Accenture and $2.5 billion for Fisher Scientific.

In the fourth quarter, Amazon reported $21.2 billion in net income.

The company reported a loss of $10.5 million on revenue of $2 billion.

The sale of Micron was a surprise because the company had a strong performance in the fourth quarters, including a $14.3 million loss in the most recent quarter.

Amazon, which had been searching for a new chief executive, said in January that it had chosen chief operating officer Bryan Dickey, who has been with the company for three years., which sells the online retailer\’s books, music, movies and other media products, has reported a net loss of £8.3 for the three months ended March 31, up from a loss in March of £3.7 million.

Amazon was founded in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, who also co-founded eBay and Amazon.

The Internet-based retailer has been in the news recently for its alleged failure to pay taxes for nearly three years and a lack of transparency in its accounting.

Amazon\’s stock fell in after-hours trading on Tuesday, trading below $75.

Amazon declined to comment on the transaction.

Microsoft Corp., maker of servers and networking equipment: Microsoft has been spending millions of dollars buying chips and other technology for the company that builds computers and devices for enterprise customers.

Microsoft has spent millions of its own money on chips and technology and is expanding into other industries.

The latest round of the deal is valued at $9.4 million, according to people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft declined to confirm or deny the deal.

The chip maker Micromechanics is a joint venture between Microsoft and Intel, which Microsoft says has a 30% stake.

Micromeos technology is used by servers in cloud computing.

Microsoft bought Micromania in October 2016.

Micromanufacturers Intel and Micromas are the two biggest chipmakers in the world, with about 80% of the global chip market.

Intel is also the world leader in chips used by the Xbox console, which launched in 2013.

Intel and Microsoft declined comment on Tuesday.

Amazon Technologies, maker and supplier of cloud computing services: Amazon’s cloud computing service, Amazon Web Services, has been valued at more than $6 billion.

Amazon announced the sale of its AWS business, which includes the Amazon Web services platform and AWS data center.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought the company in 2009 for $775 million.

In 2012, Amazon bought Amazon Web Service from Google for $3.8 billion.

Bezos bought