Sejemnet Technology Information Consulting How deep fake news helped Facebook win the election

How deep fake news helped Facebook win the election

Deepfake Technology is a deep-web marketplace that enables businesses to make their products and services appear authentic to users.

The company’s founder, Paul Buchheit, says its goal is to “make everyone happy, because nobody is happy unless they can make everyone happy”.

But the business model has generated a backlash from some users. 

“Deepfake is not a trustworthy business,” says Andrew Sullivan, a professor of marketing at the University of Maryland. 

In a recent essay for Quartz, Sullivan argued that Deepfake’s business model relies on advertising that is false, and claims that the company has violated federal antitrust laws by charging users for advertising that may not be accurate. 

Sullivan wrote that the “fraudulent claims” on Deepfake “could potentially threaten to destroy the entire marketplace”. 

“As a result of their business model, Deepfake is a threat to the American economy, its citizens, and the world,” he wrote. 

Since the election, Deepgoogle has been a target of a new round of attacks, and in a statement, the company said it had been “shocked and dismayed” by the “unacceptable” actions of its customers and customers’ critics.

“We have a long history of engaging in legitimate business transactions with our customers and partners and have never knowingly engaged in any activity that would violate any of our policies,” the company wrote.

“We are working to address these issues and will be transparent in our response to our customers as we move forward.”