Sejemnet Technology Software Development Australian cybersecurity experts urge government to remove technology companies from cybersecurity blacklist

Australian cybersecurity experts urge government to remove technology companies from cybersecurity blacklist

A group of cybersecurity experts have written to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet urging it to remove a number of technology companies that have been found to be “technological actors” of the Government.

Key points:The letter, written by security and policy experts, says the Government is “overwhelmed” by “the volume of cyberthreats and attacks” it is facing, and is “at risk of losing control”The letter asks the Government to remove any “technologies or services that are part of the government’s cyber security system”The Government is currently in the process of finalising a report into the Government’s cybersecurity strategy, which will look at a number and types of cybersecurity threats, including cyberattacks.

But it is yet to release a final report on the topic.

“The Department of Cybersecurity, Government and Digital Infrastructure is overwhelmed by the volume of cybersecurity threat that it is currently facing,” the letter said.

“This is due to the nature of the threat that we face, and the nature and scope of the threats that the Government and the Australian community are facing.”

It is clear that a significant number of these threats are being experienced, detected, and addressed by Government, with little or no input from technology companies.

“The letter also urges the Government “to remove any technology companies which are part-owners or partner organisations of the Federal Government’s cybersecurity systems and systems systems, which are used to protect, manage and enforce cybersecurity policies and legislation”.”

The removal of any of these technologies will require a significant amount of work to identify, remove and mitigate the threat of cyber attacks that we are currently facing.

“It asks the Prime Minister to “immediately publish a list of companies that are in the Government Cyber Security system, which should include any company which is a part-owner or partner organisation of the Commonwealth Government’s Government Cyber security system”.

The letter was written by three security and cyber policy experts: Professor James Fennell from Curtin University, Professor David Burt of the University of Technology Sydney, and former NSW Police chief commissioner Andrew Scipione.

Professor Fennells was also the former head of the cybersecurity and computer forensics unit at the Australian Crime Commission.”

We are concerned about the Government failing to protect Australians from cyber attacks and the Government overstepping its statutory powers to deal with such threats,” the group said.

Professor Burt said the Government was not adequately protecting its “vulnerable” people and infrastructure.”

If the Government cannot ensure that it does not compromise or compromise its critical infrastructure, it will fail in its duty of care and will not be able to safeguard the public,” he said.

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