Sejemnet Technology Software Development Lockheed Martin to launch an alien technology strikeforce

Lockheed Martin to launch an alien technology strikeforce

Lockheed Martin’s new technology weapons program will include a new unmanned weapon system that can carry out “stealth warfare” missions.

The company announced the project at a technology fair in San Diego on Tuesday, which featured demonstrations of the weapon system.

The new weapon, which the company describes as an “alien technology strikefighter,” is being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

The weapon uses stealth technology, or stealth, to fly into a target, cloak its stealth suit and attack from a distance.

Lockheed’s latest project, which has been named Project Excalibur, is a joint effort with the U.S. Army’s 5th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, which includes the 82nd Airborne Division.

Lockheed has also teamed up with the National Reconnaissance Office to develop a “super-stealth” drone that can be stealthily deployed by helicopter.

The technology is intended to be able to fly stealthily through the air, undetected, and attack targets at a distance, said Lockheed Martin President and CEO Bill Gerstenmaier at the event.

Gerstenman said that “when the time comes” to “recreate an armed strike force of the future,” Lockheed will take advantage of its new weapons.

Lockheed Martin has been developing a number of technology projects for a decade, including the ability to create “super weapons” in space, but the most recent project, called Excalibur, has been the most complex.

Lockheed plans to launch Excaliber in 2021, which is a full decade after the last weapon was launched.

According to Lockheed Martin, Excalibrors can carry multiple weapons, including laser-guided missiles, small-caliber guns and even small-scale drones.

“Our aim is to enable us to develop and deploy a new generation of advanced weapons systems that are extremely survivable and have the potential to completely disrupt an adversary,” said Gersten, referring to the stealth capabilities of Excalifer.

The Excalibel project was also focused on a “steep learning curve” in developing the technology, according to the company.

The project’s goal is to develop “the next generation of the world’s most advanced weapons, technologies and tactics,” Gersten said, according a statement from Lockheed Martin.

“In Excalibus, we’re looking at a long-term, cost-competitive effort that will have a profound impact on the future of warfare.”

Excalibe was announced in May of last year and is expected to be ready for deployment by 2021.

It is one of several weapons Lockheed Martin is developing to counter China and Russia.

Other projects include a weapons system that could destroy a nuclear-armed submarine, a weapon that could disable or destroy satellites, and an anti-aircraft missile system that is “unmanned, highly lethal and survivable.”

Lockheed Martin said Excaliurs stealth capabilities would be made possible by “new technologies, including advanced sensors, new materials, and new guidance systems.”

The company also has a number in the development of “remotely piloted aircraft,” which could carry out reconnaissance missions to spy on or kill adversaries.

The weapons are also part of the Defense Department’s “Warfighter Next Generation” program, which was announced by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in January.

The Pentagon is developing “warfighter aircraft” for a variety of missions, including cyber warfare, aerial surveillance, anti-armor warfare, and precision weapons.