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What’s in a name? How Google acquired Luokung Technologies

The Australian tech giant has been a partner in a Chinese technology firm for almost four years.

It acquired Luukung Technology in 2014, in a deal worth more than $US100 million ($118.7 million). 

But Luukong Technology was not the only Chinese technology company to be acquired by Google. 

The company also had been acquired by a Chinese telecom company, and it had also bought a Chinese company for $US200 million. 

A spokeswoman for Luukeng Technology declined to comment.

Luukung is a cloud computing company that has been developing cloud computing systems in China.

In 2015, it bought a company called Lush, a Beijing-based digital media firm. 

In the deal with Luukun, Google bought the digital media company for US$3.2 billion, bringing the total value of the deal to US$5.4 billion. 

Chinese companies have been increasingly buying up technology firms in recent years.

In November, Google said it had acquired software maker Freebase, a subsidiary of a company owned by Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, for US $1.4 million ($1.7 billion). 

The Chinese government has been heavily criticised for allowing a slew of tech companies to buy up foreign companies, including Freebase. 

 Luukong Technologies had been owned by its parent company, Luukng Technology Group, which was bought in 2014 by a new Chinese company called Luukang Technology Co Ltd. 

Luokung Technology Group was a company that specialized in cloud computing, according to its website.

It also developed Luukhong Cloud, a cloud-based technology that can process large amounts of data. 

Other companies in the business include Luukhou Technologies Technology Co, Luuchang Technology Group and Luokang Technology Technology Co. Companies like Luukhin Technology Group are the major players in China’s cloud computing market, which has been growing rapidly in recent months.