Sejemnet Technology Network Service ‘Nexus 6’ is the most versatile smartphone of the year

‘Nexus 6’ is the most versatile smartphone of the year

The Nexus 6 is the year’s most versatile device, and we can’t help but feel like it has everything a smartphone should have.

In fact, we’ve written about it countless times, and there’s no denying that its power and specs are top-notch.

But the Nexus 6 isn’t just a powerful, versatile device.

It also makes great use of the Nexus brand’s Nexus branding, which is used on all of the devices it’s based on.

That means it feels like you have a Nexus that has a lot going for it.

The Nexus brand has been around for a long time, but the new Nexus 6 represents a very big shift for the brand, and it shows.

This is the Nexus with the most unique and appealing design of any Android phone in the world, and that’s something that’s going to be hard to match.

But what really makes the Nexus 5 so special is its simplicity.

The 5.8-inch screen and 5.7-inch diagonal display are so much smaller than other phones, it’s hard to find a use for them.

And the 5.5-inch, 1080p screen and 1080p display are also smaller than many other phones we’ve reviewed, making them feel just a little bit thinner.

It’s a perfect combination, and the Nexus phone’s dual-lens camera has always been a real standout.

But with the Nexus’s modular design and modular storage, it also feels like a Nexus you can easily swap out if you don’t want to deal with the extra storage.

That makes for a very flexible and versatile phone.

The best part about the Nexus phones?

They’re not as expensive as they look The Nexus 5 was one of the most affordable phones we tested last year.

At $399, it was a great value for a device that you’d pay more for a phone with the same specs and specs, but without the camera.

That’s because the 5-inch Nexus 5 is a $399 phone, but that’s not what makes it so good.

This phone is so versatile that it can work with almost any phone out there, even a phone that costs $400.

You can swap out the Nexus camera and a 5-megapixel camera for an 8-megacorp sensor or a 5.2-megapixels sensor.

If you want to take photos in all of your favorite apps, the Nexus also comes with a built-in macro app and a fast shutter speed of 1/8000.

That might seem like a tiny bit, but it can take photos up to 1.5 feet away.

And for anyone who likes to shoot photos on the go, there’s a 1-megabit Wi-Fi hotspot built in.

That can connect to a computer and work on your phone for quick photo uploads and share.

We love that the Nexus comes with an SD card slot for storing up to 32GB of photos, and you can even expand it to 64GB.

There’s no way you can find a better value phone than this one, and in fact, you’ll have to pay $199 more than the Nexus 4 for one of these phones.

The fact that the phone has dual-sensor technology, which allows you to take pictures in both the front and back of the phone, also makes it perfect for capturing low-light photos.

You’re not just shooting high-res, but also a wide-angle photo.

It makes for great low-end shots.

If all of that sounds like a lot, then it should.

The new Nexus 5 comes with Google’s new Pixel camera, which includes a new 1080p camera sensor that has 5 megapixels.

That pixel count can also be set to 2x or 4x optical zoom, and its image quality is really, really good.

It can take pictures of objects that are in front of you, like an open car or a building, and even shots that are out of focus, like the sunset on the moon.

The Pixel camera also has an infrared shutter, which means it’s a great way to take shots that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

The camera on the Nexus is also a lot smaller than most of its competitors.

It has a 4.6-inch display and a 1080p resolution, which makes for smaller bezels than some of the other phones on the market, but its resolution and pixel count makes up for it with sharpness and contrast.

The phone also has the best camera in its class, with a 20-megixel sensor, 4-meg pixel count, 1/4-inch pixels, a f/2.0 aperture, and a digital stabilization system that can adjust for focus on any angle.

That is an amazing combination of sensor size, resolution, and color reproduction.

There is no Android phone that comes close to the Nexus in this department.

And while some people complain about the phone’s camera, there are plenty of other things that make it stand out from